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Universal Cable’s UniHome Housing Cables have been specifically designed for residential and commercial use. As with all our other products, UniHome is made of genuine material, and stringently-tested for quality. Making it safety-assured for any home!

The features of our UniHome Housing Cable include:

  • Made of 100% copper conductor
  • Insulated with high-grade PVC
  • Flexible and bends easily to suit installation location
  • Superior insulation capabilities; withstanding temperatures of up to 70˚C
  • Strong resistance to oils and chemicals
  • Available in various diameters and in accordance to stipulated guidelines

Size does matter!

UniHome is available in various diameters for various applications.

AREA (mm²)
Appliances such as lighting points
Appliances such as plug points / water heater
Appliances that require more electricity, such as air-conditioners
Appliances such as water pump
Appliances such as AC motor
16 - 35
Used as channels to distribute electricity.
Most commonly used outside the house.

NOTE: Applications in the 'Best For' column are recommended based on ideal usage conditions. Actual product may vary from the picture shown.

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